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Way out in the hills of Sonoma County, CA, our founder, Philip George, worked as a freelance graphic designer and commission artist. Not long after he began accepting commissioned work, a friend asked him to paint several murals in a restaurant she was opening. This was his first mural, but he embraced the opportunity to expand his skillset and quickly fell in love with the art of mural painting. Years went by, and after several culinary jobs, freelance design gigs, a move to Indiana, and another dozen murals, he decided it was time to start a business that could serve the community around him and help beautify the area he lives in. And that's exactly what Big Bear Creative Studio is all about! Bringing professional level design and murals to our surrounding community with the goal to help it thrive and grow into a beautiful space that supports human flourishing and brings glory to God.  


The big bear represents imagination. Part of our mission is to work toward an awakening of imagination in everyone around us. Modern life and culture has become a total assault on the senses — our minds are becoming increasingly distracted by digital content and engagement with screens. We want to help people look away from the grind and look toward what could be. We want to foster creative thinking, especially where it impacts our environment, and especially in children. The mountains in our logo represent creation (a huge source of inspiration), and the star represents Jesus Christ, the bright and morning star. We believe that the creative spirit is given by God to use in cultivating His creation, and imagination plays a big role in that endeavor. Being His image-bearers, it brings Him honor and glory when we use these gifts for the betterment of those around us, and it also brings wonderful sense of meaning to our work.

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